Conrad Shipyard built the first LNG Bunker Barge for the U.S. market at its Conrad Orange facility located in Orange, Texas.

The use of LNG as a marine fuel is the next logical step in vessel development.  Our goal is to engage in fostering the infrastructure necessary to expand downstream market capabilities and fully develop the LNG supply chain.

We believe that LNG as a marine fuel will prove to be instrumental in reducing emissions and providing operators with long term economic advantages.  Conrad LNG will continue to develop and market various vessel concepts and bunkering supply chain solutions including bunker vessels, FLNG’s, FRU’s, LNG fueled towboats and storage and cargo handling systems.

300’ x 62’ x 19’-6”

LNG transport/bunker barge with membrane containment system with total capacity of 4,200m3. 
Two (2) each 2,100m3 tanks.

232’ x 48’8” x 15’-8”

LNG bunker barge.  Single tank arrangement with capacity of 2,200m3.

300’ x 62’ x 18’-6”

LNG transport/bunker barge with Type C tanks with total capacity of 3,000m3.  Four (4) each 750m3 tanks.

Conrad performed extensive employee training and obtained a Technical Licensing Agreement for the installation of GTT’s Mark III Flex membrane containment system in November 2015.

140’ x 40’ x 11’-6”

Dual Fuel Powered Towboat
Design Draft: 9’
LNG storage capacity: 2 x 95m3

Conrad actively participates with regulatory agencies and industry to support the downstream development of LNG as a marine fuel.

5,400m3 LNG Bunker Barge

BHGI/Conrad LNG transport/bunker barge with Type C tanks with total capacity of 5,400m3.