Specialty barges are very familiar projects at Conrad. With hundreds of barges built to-date, whatever your need, we have the design and manufacturing capabilities to meet your requirements.

State of Rhode Island Deck Cargo Barge

300’ x 72’ x 12’

State of Rhode Island
Deck Cargo Barge
ABS Classed Barge Rivers & Intracoastal Waterways
Hull C-1129

250’ x 72 ’x 12’

Crane Barges
Built to ABS Standards
2,000 PSF Uniform Deckload
Hull C-894

260’ x 72’ x 16’

Ocean Service Deck Barge
ABS Classed Ocean Service
4,500 PSF Uniform Deckload
Hull C-986

278’ x 80’ x 18’

Ocean Service Ro/Ro
Warehouse Barge
ABS Classed
Hull C-662

160’ x 45’ x 9”

Dry Bulk Cargo Barge
Eight (8) each 16’ dia. X 16’-6” Tanks
Hull C-1092

150’ x 40’ x 12’

Aggregate Barge
1,450 Cargo Capacity
1,000 PSF Uniform Deckload
Hull C-1098

180’ x 60’ x 10’

Well Stim Barge
ABS Classed
Hull C-707

120’ x 50’ x 7’

Refrigeration Barge
USCG Type III Subchapter
D & O Cargoes
Hull H-482

130′ x 40’ x 9′

Ferry Landing Barge
LA DOTD Plaquemine Ferry
Hull C-1202